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News and Bulletins!
March 1st-
Spring, 2038

In addition to our Seraphim, Praesidium is once again introducing the counterpoint to our angelic compatriots; the Temerophim. As a plot catalyst and fun integration, please see the Species info for details and if you have any questions about either of our new species, please don't hesitate to ask Admins Smash, or Samsonite. Also introducing!! Our Soulmate Event/Claims. Refer to New Plot Updates for information in regards to that, and the Temerophim's existence.

Once again, please see the Rules for inevitable updates. We're constantly trying to make Praesidium a better, more fun, more relaxed place to be. We'd love your feedback in regards to this, and hopefully a few more lax rules will invite more play and enjoyment! On that note, we've also removed the Site Event Board and Guardian/Ward Scramble, as neither will be relevant any more. There will be Events and Plot Updates, but no more need for a board!

Always remember to thank our lovely Smash for her hard work on the Site Skin/Banner, as they are exceptionally lovely every time she puts her mind to it! Any further questions, lob them at us. We're here to help!
After almost a year of destruction that bordered on apocalyptic proportions, the world felt saved. A universal breath of relief was relinquished, all at once, with the arrival of saviors; the Seraphim, as it were. They fought bravely, valiantly, defended the Earth's people and took care when it seemed like all hope had been abandoned and extinction was the most prevalent concern in every mind, mortal and immortal alike. Even the older beings thought this was the end.

Passing by were several months of beating back the menace, Praesidium sees a glimpse of salvation on those feathered wings. Not only did they offer protection in times of need, but treating them medically yielded...astounding affects. Seraphim blood neutralizes any potential for transference in the Feral virus-- that's right. A vaccine. Scientists worked tirelessly around the clock to perfect it, releasing it in airborne format so that the world no longer had to fear, their biggest concern then being the elimination of age-old foes.

This vaccine not only unlocked a genetic desire to find the other rended half of our soul, in the form of a soulmate, but also brought with the shadows from beneath, as well. Temerophim have made their appearance, following Seraphim to to Earth as a means to try and offer assistance. To aid in in saving lives, when they appear as nothing more than serpents, placed on earth as nothing more than clever deceptions to turn the people from their intentions, turn them against the winged saviors. What does the future hold, with this terrifying unknown potential?
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