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August 16th -
Summer, 2037

AC is done and over with; hopefully the last AC you guys will have to see face to face!!

If no one has noticed, we've made a few changes in Praesidium, hopefully for the betterment of the board. Unfortunately we lost Seajay, and we will lament that loss while welcoming 'Fia to our humble home as a Moderator for when Smash and Sam can't be around. On top of that, let me clarify our new system.

We're abolishing the monthly AC. Henceforth, we'll occasionally check specific characters for activity and if you haven't posted, we'll PM you to let your know to stay active on a certain account as well, or it'll be deleted-- these impromptu AC's will be infrequent and you shouldn't expect them often. Mostly just incentive to be around.

The site event will continue as planned with fun ideas for the future of Prae!! Please refer to the RULES to double check anything else that may have changed, since we're doing a little update on dynamics.

When the Plague of 1348 took root, Praesidium was built as a beacon of protection and hope, a fortress against the threat in 1623-- over centuries it came to be known as the safest place on the planet through a rich history in magick and culture. Now? Now Ferals invade and press ranks, forcing military movement.

The safest haven on the earth has been breached through mere oversight and the ensuing damages are catastrophic. Death and destruction litter Praesidium's streets, only growing worse by the day; there was once a point where we all thought we could hide. Keep ourselves safe forever, behind our walls...but now that our defenses are shattered...what will we do?

Fight, I suppose. This is our town...we're the warriors that built it and we'll defend it to the death.
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